Friday, April 25, 2014
“Julian made a great developmental leap after his session with you. He’s like a different child. We are so grateful.” Adolf Brown, Chiropractor, father of 2 year old Julian.

Why Cranio Healing?

A laughter rippled through my soul as
I gave up what I should do and be
And saw I am already me.
All I need to do is be.

In these sessions we learn to sense the body and just be as we are; we remember how to live…as inner connection and awareness increase, solutions appear, and life becomes joyful

bali healingMia’s sessions take you into awareness of your body and your being by reconnecting your inner awareness and integrating your psyche; Skype sessions work through talk and a series of meditative exercises to convey the basic principles. Face to face sessions can also include craniosacral bodywork to help you sense yourself and embody. Mia works from presence, focused on stimulating your true self and energetic core, so you get out of your head and into your being. In the process, old emotions integrate. She works with a strong scientific mind-body foundation yet from an intuition beyond the confines of the “rational” mind.

“Mia is really here, that’s so rare. That’s why people heal around her. It’s a gift she was born with. Don’t ask her to explain how she does it. Just experience her presence for yourself.”Heinz Alberti, Organic Restaurant Designer in Bali.
“Mia has an incredible ability to see what others sometimes cannot for themselves. A powerful truth, shift, or longing locked within she can help to open up for you.  To see within yourself again and discover what you’re missing. A real blessing.  I encourage others to seek Mia out through a skype program or meet her personally.  She holds a gift that can help you reconnect with yours. And what a gift that is”. Alice, creative director, LA
Mia subtly guides you towards the inner wisdom that cranio healing uncovers in the body – your intuition, sensing your own truth, and self-regulating your nervous system so that you can handle your emotions. This is not a therapy; it is a practice for increasing awareness and embodying truth. Mia does not focus on “fixing” your “problems” as that is not the solution. Rather she works with present awareness, and supporting your own soul to bring about any necessary changes (including healing stiff backs and broken hearts!) in a highly intelligent and efficient way.

bali healing

Cranio Healing is so gentle that it even does wonders for babies and terrified people, and is increasingly recognised for improving conditions that conventional medicine cannot treat. It has no known allergic reaction and the side effects are increased joy and energy.

Some words that capture the essence of Mia’s sessions:

presence. sensitivity. depth. laughter. clarity. relief.

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