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ADHD in Children – what it isn’t and how it can be treated

by Mia on April 20, 2011

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD) is a neurobehavioral[1] developmental disorder.[2] It is primarily characterized by “the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone” and symptoms starting before seven years of age.”

This is the official definition.

I have not yet met a child with ADHD, though I have met many children and also parents who are hyperactive, can’t stop thinking and are totally scattered and ungrounded. Their nervous systems are literally freaking out. Often they have been medicated and told their condition is permanent. It has never taken more than three or four sessions for the “condition” to be no longer in evidence, much to everyone’s disbelief. So is it really a condition, i wonder? Or is it rather a set of varying symptoms, formed by a combination of too much sensory input from our hectic modern life, and unresolved early childhood shocks?


I did treat a mother who said she had had ADD all her life. However by the second session she had to admit she was calm and present and that it was no longer there. This caused rather a problem in how she would now define herself, and what to blame life’s ups and downs on, and yet it was still gone. All that happened in the craniosacral session was that she learnt to feel her body and her energy grounded through her feet. Her nervous system discharged a fair amount of shock and she felt heat and tingling, and then it was over. On the whole, i find that children are less reluctant to let go of their “conditions” than adults, for whom they have become part of their identity and story…

Luckily it doesn’t take rocket science to shift ADHD. Whilst diet and food allergies can affect extremely sensitive children and make them hyper, on the whole I have found that ADHD symptoms resolve when the child’s core energy grounds. Doing NAET allergy elimination in combination with craniosacral can be very helpful in children. In the first session I check whether there is any sensation in the feet, and if not, then in the pelvis. Some children are so shocked or disconnected that it is only through working with the cranial base that I can coax them back in their bodies. These children can take 3-4 sessions, but with the majority it only takes one. And the key is always knowing that they are in fact “normal” and believing that they can recover fully. Children seem to respond to this expectation with relief and willingness that is often very touching. By the way, the same treatment has been effective in curing the majority of cases of “dyslexia”  that i have encountered. Of course its hard to read if you cant see the page because you are not in your body. The solution is not necessarily specialist reading lessons – these are not likely to be of much benefit until the child has grounded properly.


As soon as the child has got over the discomfort and fear of feeling their own body sensations, attentional problems tend to resolve, and calm and joy sets in.


On rare occassions symptoms persist, and then it is time to take a look at the parent’s emotional patterns. In these cases, normally the child’s sensitive energy field is taking in and giving back one or other of the parent’s unconscious emotional energies, in which case nothing can be done for the child unless the parent looks at themselves. This is then a huge motivation and opportunity for the parent to evolve and expand their own awareness, which is a big gift from the child. Though often at extreme cost to themselves. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

The fact that ADHD symptoms (like many mystery medical conditions) are so diverse would suggest it may not be all it seems. ADHD is not in my opinion permanent, and it certainly does not require medication. Quite the opposite, it requires careful love and attention so that the child can feel safe in his/her environment and body, and calm enough to engage with what is around them once more.

I would suggest that it is high time to stop drugging and sticking labels on kids that can’t function in our crazy adult world, and look at simple ways of making things less confusing, less overwhelming and less shocking for them. Children are the perfect mirror of our soul and their distress is showing us how disconnected we are from ourselves as living humans. Its time to take a good look at ourselves and change. The kids are not the problem. They are already awake and honest. Instead, their difficulties and our responses to them can be part of the solution for everyone, if we are willing to make the effort. I would argue that given the current state of affairs we cannot afford to miss this opportunity.





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