Saturday, November 28, 2015


Babies skulls generally get squashed by theAureya 6 weeks compressive forces in the birth canal, and the occiput can get very strongly compressed, so that baby’s neck appears shorter. Even a normal birth creates stresses and strains through the whole body right down to the pelvis, and cranio can help release these so the child has a balanced start to build on. Babies respond very quickly, and the shock of the birth process, plus problems like colic, sucking problems, breathing difficulties and constant crying can often be remedied by treatment. Because of the sensitivity of listening in craniosacral, it is especially appropriate for babies as their delicate boundaries and soft skulls need to be treated with utmost sensitivity and care, and they obviously cant verbalize complaints! Being treated shortly after birth can have a profoundly life-changing effect for the little one, and the parents. Mira treats all babies under 9 months free of charge on the first visit.


There are many benefits of treatment for pregnant mothers. Cranio can alleviate lower back pains and sciatica, and other discomforts caused by the physical stress of carrying the baby. Cranio Healing can help the mother to establish a stronger heart connection with the unborn child, which seems to facilitate a much smoother birth process. Any emotional distress that the baby has experienced such as fear or loneliness can be released – like an in-womb session – which can be a very comforting experience for a being that cannot yet speak or express. The mother can also learn ways of feeling and bonding with the child that sometimes get left out in our rushed and stressed modern lives. So it has a positive impact on the mother child relationship even before birth.Treatment after birth can help reset the pelvis, alleviate shock, post natal depression and help the body gain energy to recover normal functioning.