Thursday, November 26, 2015

How does it work?

  • Whenever we knock our bodies or feel emotional stress, the body’s tissues contract.
  • Sometimes if a shock is severe, or involves an emotional situation, the tissuses stay contracted. The brain seems to hold a pattern that keeps things in place. Over time stored stresses, tension and trauma may give rise to restricted body functioning as the experiences pile up.
  • The effects may be both physical (such as back pain, migraine or gut problems) and emotional (such as depression and anxiety).

Craniosacral is like a form of buddhist meditation or awareness practice that uses stillness and detailed listening to the body’s anatomy (between the cranium and sacrum) to take the client into a state of deep peace and heightened inner body awareness, where the body is naturally stimulated to heal itself. Sinking deep beneath thought and emotion there is a well of natural intelligence that can observe the client’s bones and tissues, nervous system, and track brain functions, allowing the client’s system to work out what is blocked or malfunctioning so that it can self-correct. It is way more effective than the thinking mind. As the practitioner uses their hands and awareness to reflect the holding pattern back to the body it lets go. The body lets go at a deep unconscious level as soon as it realizes that it is holding, and the core energy begins to flow freely once more.

In a sense craniosacral works back to front – it begins by connecting with the your “health” or reservoir of life force to allow it to sort out any “problems” in the most efficient way, by taking your whole system into account.

Any effective healing is basically about the container, the quality of awareness of the practitioner holding the space. When space feels safe, the body’s self-healing potential is activated. So best to choose a practitioner that the most frightened, vulnerable part of you feels totally comfortable with.

Rather than prescribing a drug or an operation, craniosacral practice connects the client’s awareness with the internal system of bones, muscles and connective tissue that make up the human body. The practitioner listens to the movement of fluid or energy within these physical structures. As described above, the system can release its own constrictions in a highly intelligent manner, based on an underlying blueprint of health, found in each cell. Most importantly the client experiences all these sensations directly within their own body, and so inner body awareness increases, as does insight into their own self-healing nature. We all have bodies but most people spend their time thinking; few people actually really feel their body or experience their emotions with awareness and so remain at the mercy of media manipulation and childhood conditioning, and struggle with a  sense of emptiness and lack of purpose. Awareness of the body sensations gives us true information – it is a crucial step in finding our authenticity and sorting out those bits of our lives that are less than satisfactory.

It is also the key factor in intuition and the ability to decide for ourselves what is right for us. In this way cranio healing is a powerful practice that combines science with spirit in a way that is gives individuals vital self-knowledge, that can help them live the lives they yearn for. Since Cranio Healing brings individuals into alignment with the natural creative energy that underlies the whole of existence, every person who opens to this experience is contributing to both personal and global peace, and an evolutionary shift for humanity. That is why people are often deeply surprised at what they feel during their first session, and feel grateful that they have finally found this information.