Friday, November 27, 2015

How is Craniosacral with Mira different?

If youtouch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Cranio Healing™ is more than craniosacral. Mira works from presence, with a focus on stimulating your awareness of all you really are, and within that space she often uses cranio as a tool to enable you to connect with your inner body sensations and get out of your mind. She works with a strong scientific mind-body foundation but beyond the confines of the “rational” mind. She does not focus on “fixing” your “problems” as that is not the solution. Rather she works with present awareness, which brings about any necessary changes.

Mira works with the biodynamic craniosacral method of listening to the fluid motion in the body through light touch to free up the life force. She has found that working directly with the brain and nervous system is essential for deprogramming conditioned emotional and behavioural patterns, including trauma, so that shifts in conscious awareness can happen that enable healing. As appropriate she incorporates trauma resolution work from Somatic Experiencing into the session. She works with direct contact with your nervous system to regulate its activity to restore balance and optimal functioning and drastically reduce fear and anxiety. Her particular interest is in resolving emotional disturbances and trauma – this includes relieving depression, anxiety, shyness, anger etc.

Mira focuses on subtly guiding you towards the inner wisdom that Cranio Healing uncovers in the body – your intuition, discrimination, sensing your own truth, and self-regulating your nervous system (technical speak for learning how to calm yourself down and get a perspective). She enables you to have your own embodied experience of life principles or thruths that you can then apply and practice like tools. Over just a few sessions you will begin to get a sense of your inner compass and how to allow it to guide you to the vast potential that your life has. If you want to, you can learn to let life live you. Feelings of lostness, emptiness and fear will dissolve as you learn to allow the joy, freedom and aliveness of being yourself, and all the opportunities it brings.

You will feel safe with Mira because she has a rare ability to “be with” you. Her capacity to hold space and deep sensitivity to boundaries, unconscious emotion and presence make this possible. You will feel seen and heard, yet not invaded or pushed. In a client’s words:

“My experience with Mira was characterised by the feeling of the most enormous ‘space’ in which my system was simply able to find its own state of interconnectedness. Mira’s touch and presence is non-judgemental and never invasive, – that’s unusual in bodywork which was why I had never had any before. Mira created an environment of safety and trust that made it possible for deep realignment and delicate integration to happen. Perhaps most importantly, she embodies an intuitive understanding of the balance between space and boundary which enables creative regeneration to emerge from a still, stable centre. I felt to be in the presence of an ally whose own continued and uncompromising exploration of bodywork and energy dynamics has evolved a consciousness which can facilitate integrative healing at its most profound.Nick Prideaux-Brune, Psychologist, London
Presence. Sensitivity. Space. Allowing Emotion. Trauma resolution.

Because of Mira’s work with the unconscious mind, sessions are deep.

During the session you are likely to experience unconscious patterns held in the mind and body coming into conscious awareness as the mind and body integrate, and unresolved past issues dissolve.(However as it’s unconscious, all you have to do is relax!) This is rather like drops of psyche or soul that have become split off  from the whole by life’s traumatic events, that rejoin the central pool and start to flow with the river again, instead of creating resistances and friction. In traditionalpsychotherapy this is referred to as integrating the childhood developmental levels – or stages in development that were not completed at the time. By focusing on present body awareness and sensation, Cranio Healing bypasses circular thinking about stories of the past (although stories are addressed as they arise in the session), and does the job of developmental integration much faster, simply by feeling the previously unfelt energies directly. It facilitates increased grounding and embodiment, and clearer focus in life. This deep level of listening to the whole being dissolves physical and emotional issues at the root cause – often effective where other methods are not. Nevertheless the whole process remains totally determined by the client and their natural progression. This sensitive approach is an extrememly effective method precisely because its subtlty allows delicate core issues to surface and integrate that would not be accessible to more invasive methods.