Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How will I benefit?

Increased energy • sense of wellbeing in your body • calmer
• better sleep• stronger intuition • confidence
letting go of old patterns and pain permanently • more joy

Cranio Healing can

• resolve trauma without retraumatisation

• resolve longstanding emotional and relational patterns

• eradicate physical pain

• and boost the being into a state where it regulates itself and stays well

• expand your creativity, joy and level of fulfillment

• give you confidence to make life changes

• create easier relationships with people

When the body’s energy is unblocked life can express itself freely and brilliantly through each of us.

Although the client seems passive, sessions  result in embodiment, increased inner body sensation and knowledge, emotional balance and new awareness, that often leads to new more authentic ways living.

Meditation/awareness practice: by giving you a direct experience of inner body sensation, and showing you which

parts of your body you can and cannot feel, a session teaches the basics requirements of any form of meditation practice.

Yoga: inner body awareness is the foundation of yoga and cranio will enhance your practice – since the popularization of yoga many modern yoga teachers don’t actually have this ability because it takes much more than a month’s training to learn…