Thursday, November 26, 2015


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Families are collections of individuals. So when the individual members learn how to ground and feel themselves, the whole family feeling changes. The less individuals blame each other for their own emotions, the clearer and calmer family interactions get. My method of working with families is simple, organic and no effort at all. Yet the results are profound. You will all learn to ground, feel yourself, stay in your truth, use your intuition and see how your own patterns are contributing to what happens in your family. Then things will change. This is not a therapy, and it does not fix problems. It is about a shift in awareness which reveals the solutions to you. We all have this natural intelligence within us. Please take a look at the following testimonials to get a sense of what can happen.

A Family Testimonial

Elizabeth Hajek – mother

We are so happy with what you are doing in our family. I have learnt that the problems with the kids are signs of behaviours I need to look at in myself. After all they grew up with me so I know where they learnt them… When I look at myself honestly the problems with the kids just dissolve. That’s how it is. The real work is the struggle with yourself, the problem is not the kids.

After just 3 sessions with you Mara’s teacher at the Green School in Bali was so surprised at the change in her when she read to the class that he asked us what had happened. We gave him your number.

Rudi Hajek – Father

Since I started doing craniosacral with Mira a few months ago, a lot has shifted. Initially I felt strong change on a bodily level, and became more aware of my movements and grounding. Suddenly 18 years worth of surfing technique and experience all came together. I was surfing like a dream without having worked to get there. My mind was clear and focused and I could experience the moment fully and enjoy it – WOW that is really an extraordinary experience. Through the sessions it has become crucial to me to experience life as it is, and to be authentic. I feel so much better. My/this state feels totally natural and unforced, without rules or shoulds. I can set real boundaries for my kids that work and we are all closer. It’s a feeling comes from deep inside and gives me a sense of self-assuredness and strength.

Apart from that, my energy reserves get filled up after every session and I feel a joy in being alive that I just dig!

Our 10 year old daughter was hyper and very distant. She was also dyslexic. Since having 3 sessions of craniosacral with Mira, she is confident, balanced, energized and at peace in herself. The most remarkable thing is that in 3 weeks her writing and reading difficulties have improved dramatically. She has even started reading on her own for fun. Before she had to be forced to read and write, yet since her sessions she loves it and does it. Not only are we and Mara’s schoolteacher surprised, but Mara is also surprised by this fast change, and is still wondering what happened. The dyslexia is gone. We thought it was incurable.

Mara Hajek – aged 10

Everything is so easy now. I don’t know why I didn’t always do things this way.