Saturday, November 28, 2015


Overwhelmed by not knowing what to do? How to cope?

Mira has written a series of practical articles to support parents – please see where you will find a lot of helpful information for free.

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If you have a child that seems out of sorts whom no-one can help, please relax. You will learn a huge amount in the process of solving the situation, and there will be progress for your whole family in the most natural and easy way.

“Just wanted to say thank you for today’s session. Izzy (aged 4) is much calmer and happier. You are such a great teacher and support to me and i can’t tell you how blessed i feel that our paths crossed at this time.” (mother, R)

Helping a child to embody or ground is relatively simple, though often overlooked by medical practitioners. There is often a common cause for ADH, hyperactivity, dyslexia and a host of other conditions, even post-operative and post-coma trauma. Mira works with the child’s soul by creating a safe space of acceptance where the soul can return to the body and integrate. Once this is achieved, the child’s core energy can open up so that they relax and ground. This may involve play, cranio or assisting with schoolwork as feels appropriate.  Its a simple but skilled and delicate process which you will come to appreciate as your child begins to open up and respond.

Mira will work initially with the affected child with a series of simple steps that will create noticeable change within the first two or three sessions. It will often be necessary to work with the accompanying parent too. Mothers of sick or difficult children are understandably often concerned and stressed, and also need support to learn to calm themselves, stay in their centre, and be able to deal with their own emotions that the child triggers. Once this is established, the mother-child relationship can be addressed to positive effect. Often other family members will then also begin to shift, often with the father as the last, but crucial member to participate.

Mira has an organic way of working with what arises in the family dynamic.   There is an intelligence or a logic to the sequence that’s required which  presents itself as she is working. In practice this will mean doing individual sessions with children or parents, then maybe some sessions with both mother and child, then with two children, and eventually with the whole family. This may be interspersed with individual bodywork sessions as issues arise.

It also includes a large element of awareness teaching. Mira does not profess to have any answers to any family issues. Rather she teaches the principles of grounding, embodiment, and how to be fully present with what is actually happening in real life. The answers come from the inside in response to situations, not from ideas in parenting books. For parents to be able to set authentic and useful boundaries they must be able to stay connected in their bodies. Parents must also learn to feel and perceive what is actually going on with the child. Then they will be able to respond rather than react from ideas. This takes time and practice, and is very rewarding when things click.  Mira will encourage you to find your essential wisdom in each situation and to find what is best for you and your child. There can be no rules or generalisations because no two people, situations or families are alike. Every situation needs to be approached afresh, and the only person who has the capacity to do this is you, the parent, by being with and listening to your child, and yourself.

This is a radical process oriented and holistic approach, which covers everything from nutrition to trauma work to increasing your awareness. Although it includes change, Mira believes that engaging in such change is actually in step with the global evolution currently in evidence, and therefore it makes sense. Certainly the families who have experienced her work have never looked back, though they often forget quickly how bad things were initially…