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 “It’s like an internal massage but no-one is touching you”. Fay, aged 8.

“I like Mira. Mira can come to my party”Izzy, aged 3, at the end of her first session.

“Julian made a great developmental leap after his session with you. He’s like a different child. We are so grateful.”
Adolf, Chiropracter, father of 2 year old Julian.
Mother and Baby

Mira visited my newborn son and me on the first day after I gave birth. Both my son and I were traumatized, physically and mentally. The birth lasted 30 hours and at least 16 of them he stuck in my birth canal. His head was akwardly deformed when he came out and he started to scream as soon as we touched his head or put a woolen hat on it. I could barely walk upright and had severe pain in my lower abdomen.

Mira worked first with my son. She compassionately approached him, communicated with him verbally and non-verbally and just slightly touched him once in a while.

After my son had enough – because she let him decide when the treatment was done – I lay down on my back and Mira started to work on my feet. When she continued on my belly I felt a very strong sensation in my abdomen. It hurt a lot, so she went back to my feet. I consciously tried to support the process by breathing, but the sensation got stronger and  more painful. Mira advised me to bring my focus further out of my body. She told me, that my body´s wisdom will fix things without my effort. So I let go and shifted my awereness and after a few seconds, the sensation in my belly melted away and I could feel that the energy in my system began to flow again, which got stuck in my lower abdomen – like my son did during birth. It was a relieving feeling to feel the energy coming back to my legs and my feet. When we were finished, I slowly stood up and Mira guided me verbally to ground myself and feel the energy in my body. I slowly managed to stand upright.
Mira came 3 more times within the first 2 weeks of his life to work with my son. He quickly changed a lot. Directly after the sessions, we could see that he was processing the sessions. After 3 weeks I went to see an osteopath for a check up. She said, that my son was perfectly fine and that there was nothing more for her to work on.
My son is now almost 6 months old. He never had any colics, he sleeps in the night and I heard already many times that his head looks perfectly shaped and beautiful. He loves to laugh, socialize and explore.

If I ever get another child, I definetely would invite Mira again to work with the newborn as soon as possible after birth. With Mira´s help my son overcame his trauma and is able to enjoy his life.


Hi everyone -
It’s been a long several months, but Mira is finally on her way here! Many of you were treated by Mira’s energy work on our yoga retreat, and others of you were moved by the story of my treatment. Unlike Ketut Liyer and Wayan of “Eat Pray Love,” Mira is a genuine healer. I was a skeptic when i first went to see her, and she changed me. The difference she made is remarkable – she helped me unblock a lot of pain and anxiety. I have also been working with her by phone since i returned from my trip, and she is an incredible life coach.
If you haven’t been worked on by Mira, I strongly recommend you try her out.”

Excerpt from a group email sent out by Alix Rosenthal, Attorney, San Francisco.

“I can smell again for the first time since i can remember. And after just one session…thank you.” Christina, happy client, Hong Kong “I feel better than i can ever remember. Mira I want to thank you for giving me some tools to work with, its nice to know I’m not the only one feeling all this, it helps me to not go totally crazy sometimes. You made me believe in me again, THANK YOU.” Kate, design student, Denmark.
“Mira, i just want to say thank you. Since the three sessions we did, my life has changed. My life is happy now, i have become the senior manager at work and everything is better. I just want to tell you so you know, you really helped me. I am not sad or shy anymore. It’s amazing. Thank you.” Ketut, restaurant manager
“My experience with Mira was characterised by the feeling of the most enormous ‘space’ in which my system was simply able to find its own state of interconnectedness. Mira’s touch and presence is non-judgemental and never invasive (which is unusual even in bodywork), and therefore the realignment and integration that takes place is made possible in an environment of safety and trust. Perhaps most importantly, she embodies an intuitive understanding of the balance between space and boundary which enables creative regeneration to emerge from a grounded centre. I felt to be in the presence of an ally whose own continued and uncompromising exploration of bodywork and energy dynamics has evolved a consciousness which can facilitate integrative healing at its most profound.”
Nick Prideaux-Brune, Psychologist, London
“Hi Mira,
I’ve sent my colleague links and explained how I think you are supporting my whole family dynamic and how its a crucial part of any transformational process. And thats what I am loving most about working with you. Whilst I am waking up, integrating, so are my boys. Not just vicariously, although this is of course huge, but independantly and directly as individual human beings from their one on one sessions with you! Me thinks I’ve just written you a testimonial! “ Ines, Corporate Lawyer
“This is heaven. You can quote me”.
LeAnn Erikssson (during cranio session), musician, USA  
|”Thank you for the session yesterday. I dont feel frightened anymore, and its so lovely to meet a grounded, kind person in bali…” Amanda, fashion designer, Australia
“Mira was recommended to me by a friend. I had a lower backpain condition due to a herniated disc and went to see her to get that condition treated. After an initial chat i learned that there are actually a lot of things that clearly needed treatment, my body being only one of them. Mira has a very gentle way of treating her patients and
i can only say that each session was amazing. My body and mind fully relaxed and drifted away. It was not sleep, it was a deep feeling of letting go and relaxing all muscles and brain activity, whilst still being aware of my surroundings. It really created something like trust in my instincts again and the back pain got a lot better with each treatment. The amazing thing about having been treated by Mira is that i do feel a profound change since then, i’ve dissolved a few patterns that were toxic and it has helped me to come closer to who the real me wants to be. It has now been a while since my last treatment and I can say that the change that was started then is still ongoing and has made me a lot more aware in every respect. I am still an idiot though, ha!!!”

Phillip, Businessman, Austria

“Mira cured my trigeminal neuralgia in one session. I don’t know what she did but it worked. Completely gone.  I didn’t dare to tell my doctor!”
Bruce Anderson, London, retired.
“This is by far the most profound bodywork I have had – Mira holds an enromous space and her capacity to listen to the being at the deepest levels is very powerful and transformative.” Amy Rachelle, Founder Pure Raw Lifestyle, New York.
“Doing cranio with Mira helped me feel the connection with the primal force. I also discovered some new aspects of myself. Afterwards I was completely relaxed and peaceful but also energized. I love it! Go and see her for a few sessions.”
Maya Fiennes, Kundalini Yoga teacher, L.A.

“Hi Mira, A friend of mine just vacationed in Bali and had a visit with you that she said was life altering.  I would like to book a session with you for when I arrive in 3 weeks.” Quensella, PA, San Francisco
I slept that night like an angel and the days following the session I was much calmer and sleeping better and more relaxed. I really enjoyed my holidays and that was fantastic.I can say that my intuition is still not back 100%, but it is making progress. I have started feeling a certain sense of route/ path to follow, although still a bit distant, and yesterday I got what I could consider a first insight after a long time blacked out, but I guess that I just have to recover again that state of mind again and feel comfortable with it again.“I would like to thank you for my first cranio sacral session, that was really good.
I am now back in Portugal learning not to stress about the future and I am happier and calmer for it. Thank you very much”
S, Pharmaceuticals manager, Portugal.

“I’ve started to feel anger for the first time in my life. Its so wonderful. It’s like starting again. You’re never too old. Thank you for being such a gentle caring soul. One of your sessions is worth 6 with someone else”. Peter, 72, retired CEO.

“Thank you for helping me find myself! You touched my heart and soul and i didnt even realize at first that you opened so many doors for me.

I was on such a big search to heal and find myself that at first i didnt even know why i came to you.

To my absolute astonishment my shoulder pain, which was severe over the last years, disappeared after your session. Not only did you take the pain away – it was more like you took weight off my shoulders i was carrying around for years. Thank you for being you and showing me my way. I am overwhelmed! I would like to fly to London after Easter for some more sessions.” (Karin Meyer, Dubai, Flight attendant).

danke :) hätt dich sooo gern dabei..schade dass du so weit weg bist…ach mia, danke noch mal für alles, hast mir soviel geholfen…ich merke teilweise erste jetzt Wochen später…was sich alles getan hat und auch die letzte sitzung im chillhouse war voll wichtig – ich hab gemerkt dass ich mir überhaupt nicht vertraue, meinen Alltag neu alleine zu meistern und auch jetzt zuhause hab ich gemerkt das ich mir noch immer nicht vertraue…bis ich auf einmal draufgekommen bist, dass ich eh alles richtig mache ;) und ich schon so viel umgesetzt habe, was ich mir vorgenommen hab…..wenn ich mich entspannen möchte, denk ich übrigens gaaanz oft an deine Behandlungen und stell mir vor wie du mich grad behandelst und wie sich das angefühlt hat ;)

Karin, Photographer, Austria

“Its like coming back from a long summer holiday”. My mum, retired, age 74

“Mira’s clarity is so unusual – her sessions are genuinely supportive and empowering, which is a rare find. I feel she really gets all of me, like no-one else.”

Sarah – Financial Manager, London

“I like to hear your voice – when you talk to me I can feel what your are saying and it makes sense in my body and my soul.”

Michael – CEO, London.

“Wow, I feel really peaceful, like almost from a different dimension”.

Sarah, Writer, USA. (Please forgive the dippy language, she was very relaxed…)

I have to tell you..for the first time in my life i’m feeling like letting go …
It was you….
always felt guilty with my parents because they make me feel so wrong…
and slowly i’m feeling dettached… they also are starting to let me go..
It is not easy…..but it will change.
Now i believe…
Thank you so much for being in my life..”

C, Jewelry designer, Portugal


“You’re a freakin genius”. Jason, Pilot, New Zealand